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Low Cost SPECTRAN V6 ECO (44MHz RTBW | 9kHz to 8GHz)

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The ECO Rev3 layout is in the final stage.

We have added an optional 10 GHz power meter to the Rx1 path which can be used at the same time as the Rx1.

This will allow an ultra fast power monitoring e.g. to protect the pre amplifier (automatic pre amp disabling).

In addition the power meter can be used as a wide band "oscilloscope" etc.


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NobbyDave Cawley

Looks exciting. 🙂

Can this be calibrated down to DC rather than just the default 9Khz to give a better sensitivity in the ELF ULF bands for researching geomagnetic phenomena?

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Dave Cawley

Yes, same as for all PLUS versions.

Hello, I have (pre) ordered a Spectran Eco. Can that be calibrated to DC on request before being shipped, I might need it for a student research project. Many thanks.

We will se. Not sure if we can offer it from the beginning but no problem to calibrate it from your side later on:

Thank you for your reply. You are telling me that I can recalibrate the unit to DC at home, without sending it back to Aaronia? How would that work?

Wouldn't be easier to have it calibrated by you initially, especially that you will need to do some calibration and tests on the unit anyway before shipping it.

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