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Live LTE Time Trigger Demo (needs key)

Attached mission shows how to live lock/sync on LTE broadcastings by using the 3D Pulsed Waterfall block:

3D Pulsed Waterfall Time Trigger


Simply adjust the trigger (Duration) until you get the packag type of interested perfectly synct. 80ms does the job for LTE:

The mentioned 80ms pulse duration shows packages that look like a TTI from multiple GSM bases stations.

We can see 6 cluster packages with 10ms overall cluster length. In LTE the TTI length is fixed to 1 ms so for sure this must be a UMTS/HSPA transmission which offers a TTI of 2 ms, 10 ms (or 20 ms, 40 ms, 80 ms for some channels), and fixed for a given channel.

The Transmission Time Interval (TTI) from a UMTS/HSPA is an interval of time for transmission of one layer 2 data unit (PDU). The TTI comprises the group of blocks of resources for the transmission to which the same coding and modulation is applied.

LTE Time Trigger at 80ms


You might also want to watch a demo video of the mission at

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Awesome!  Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm going to try it out this afternoon)