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Linux: RTSA installer, runtime and packaging updates

Previous versions of the Linux RTSA required root permissions during setup and execution on the system. This was basically for two reasons:

a) Aaronia devices require the creation of an UDEV rule file (
b) The V6 utilizes USBFS that defaults to 16 MB on most distributions (

Optionally, we can utilize the Continuous Memory Allocator 'CMA' ( for larger setups with very high sample rate configuration for optimal performance which is unfortunately not configured for most mainstream distributions and requires a special configuration set in the Linux kernel during kernel compile time.

In fact, these are all settings and configurations that can be configured one time on a system and should not require you to run the RTSA with root permissions. That will change!

As on many requests, future stable Version of the RTSA will not require root permissions to run anymore. Instead we'll provide a configuration script that assists you on most Linux distributions with a one time config, that has to be executed once as root. Alternatively, you can perform these steps manually according to a manual that will be provided for the most used Linux distributions to guide you through the configuration.

Along with these step we've started to change packaging of the RTSA. When migration to QT 6.4 is done we'll provide the RTSA packaged as AppImage ( and ramp up a private *.deb, *.rpm and AUR repo that will make setup and updates more uniform with the Linux system you are using. AppImage will have priority to be as portable as possible!


Is there anything you're missing? Let us know here in this thread!