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License problems

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Please assist us with the Suite PRO features/blocks licensing.

Trying to follow the License QuickGuide.pdf, we are getting an error message - see the uploaded LicenseManager.jpg. Looks like the QuickGuide.pdf does not correspond to the layout and items which we actually see on the Suite UI.

There are no Features Listed.

We could not locate a valid key file on the provided USB stick.

HTTP Server block is not available (HTTP.jpg) so it should be included in the Suite by default for free.

Are there any limitations on installing the Suite on several PCs within the same company?

I could not find a correspondent topic on the Forum.

We might be doing something wrong. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

You are simply using a much to old RTSA-Suite PRO software.

Use the latest nightly build instead and all should work fine: Nightly Build Download

I tried the latest RTSA-Suite PRO - Nightly (Windows) available from the web. The result is exactly the same - still there are no available features listed and an Error reported when trying to download a key file from the stick. Please assist.

For the HTTP client/server block license, you just need to install the free "Aaronia Included Keys" package in the Package Manager dialog (available in the "Tools" menu).

The Licensing Quickguide included with the Spectran V6 is generally not needed anymore as the RTSA-Suite PRO should automatically download the license files from the device when it is connected (in earlier versions those had to be installed manually). A license file is only included on the USB stick if it is required your your specific Spectran V6 model.

If you still have problems, please send me the serial number of your Spectran V6.

Thank you. It helped.


We recently purchased an upgrade license to reach 1,000,000 FFT. The license is installed but in the FFT size I can only get  the size of 8192.  Please see the attached files and let me know what is wrong / how to activate the license.



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You need to load the key via the "+" sign.

Thanks, I did. But the Max. FFT size I can select is 1.3E5. How can I reach to 1M FFT size?  Also. when writing the data file for 1.3E5 FFT, it does not write the full spectrum data. (i.e. For the span of 3.95GHz-4.05GHz, the data was only written from 3.95GHz-3.96GHz in the .csv file) . I see that USB BOOST Channel is orange/yellowish asking for USB 3.  Could that limit the FFT size and the data file?

Please see the attached files.

Uploaded files:
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You need to adjust the DSP Memory Model (Titelbar under Extras -> Configuration): The default is set to "Medium" which limits the maximum FFT size to 131072 FFTs. You need to set it to "Large" for a 1M FFT but be sure that your PC offers enough RAM (16GB or more).

Thanks, with 1.048 MFFT, the bins are 870,000. Why Can't I get 1M bins over the full span?  Shouldn't the FFT size and Bin numbers be the same?  I use both POI and FFT Overlap but no changes.

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