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IsoLog setup height importance


I have a question about IsoLog 3D DF setup while I'm going to detect a drone.

first, how high should I setup the IsoLOG? I usually set it on 2 meters height. Is it OK?

second, how much should the elevation angle (please note the figure) be? As I test, some angles can't be DF well!


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  • Elevation.png

The higher the better. 2m for sure will not offer the best results e.g. since you get a lot of reflections at such a low level.

I dont understand what you mean with the elevation angle, sorry.

Let me give you an example:

Imagine the distance between the IsoLOG and a drone is about 1000 feet, Is the altitude of the drone important for DF?  If it is, how much altitude should the drone has so the DF system achieve best results.

Since the IsoLOG 3D DF is a true 3D antenna it does not matter but a drone near to the ground for sure will reult in less RF at the antenna (lower detection range).