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IsoLOG DF raw data

Hello Aaronia team,

A wondering thing in the IsoLOG signal processing for me is that we use "spectra" as the input of "directional finding" block. It's strange because as I know phase information is vital and critical in MIMO and finding DOA (direction of arrival) concept.

It makes sense that you don't want to give information about your algorithms. But imagine I want to use this antenna without using you DF algorithm and I want myself implement an algorithm, can you explain how the raw data of IsoLOG form?

I mean imagine I have 100 MHz sampling rate (10 ns sampling time)and I have chopper mode (10 us) so is the data formed this way: "The antenna pick 1000 samples in each sector" is that right?

furthermore, I want to know the information received as raw data.


Simply use the IQ data from the SPECTRAN V6 block. The file and streaming data-format is shown at the developer section.

Can you give me a link for "developer section"? Is it a part of forum?

Yes look under the "SPECTRAN V6 SDK / API / Remote Control" section.

No, my purpose was not basic IQ data format, I mean how does the IsoLOG form the data? e.g. if I use chopper mode of "m" us does it capture "m" us in every sector? so if if I record IQ data, I should every gather "number of sectors*m" us for full capture ? Am I right? Is there any difference between chopper mode and switch mode for  raw data format?

Simply look at the stream data. We cant offer you any furter information on this if you dont want to use our software.