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isolog 3D for multi-source signals

I want to know how does the isolog 3d module DF for the frequency bands which are being used by several transmitters. imagine I'm Df-ing LTE band. in this band as you know several Base Stations may transmit and receive signals and different angles and directions. So does the antenna find the most powerful signal or doesn't it work well or is there any note on this situation?

You can get the signal strength and IQs of any transmitter of all sectors at the "same" time so depending on the software blocks you can DF (to some level) multiple LTE transmitter.

It's Ok.

I know that I can see the sector energy separately, But the final block give me a single direction anyway. so I want to know how does the final direction given by application related to each BTS?

maybe the final direction is correspond to the highest-energy BTS? Or having multi BTS make the final block confused and I can't DF it well?

Sorry we dont understand your question.

sorry for my late response,

please note the appended picture, the red border signal is the first signal on the first angle. The orange border signal is the second one at different angle. I want to know the final direction that founded (30 degree) is for which signal? the first one or the second one?

note that the second signal is more powerful than first one.

I hope my question be now clear.



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In this case it will track the strongest signal (if the duration is the same).

We might add a power level selection soon.

thanks for the response,

this feature will be very helpful.