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IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper

The IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper block decodes MAC, Vendor, SSID and Protocol of all WiFi channels and shows the interaction between the nets.

IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper Block

Left hand side input:

  • IQ 1
  • IQ 2
  • IQ 3
  • IQ 4


The IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper block shows the MAC, Vendor, SSID and Protocol used by all WiFi routers, nodes, phones etc. within detection range and the interaction between those as a MAC table and an interactive graph. Up to 4 IQ streams can be handled e.g. for using different bands.

The block is very helpfull to see unwanted phishing or connections from devices near by or by simply controlling the nets around you.

The setup of the IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper block is quite simple: All you need to do is to setup the tracking time by setting the Local Max Age (default 120s) and Global Max Age (default 3600s). In addition you can select Show Local MACs to switch off the Mac Adress decoding/display:

IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper Setup


A running block might look like the attached.

If you use the File Reader block please make sure to activate the "Import -> Emulate Realtime" checkbox:

Show the interaction between WiFi Router and Mobile Phones


Setting up a mission is very simple:

Monitor all Wifi around you and check the interaction between all devices

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Please check out this video showing the block in action:

I assumed that the left side of the window would show Access Points and Clients, and the right side the bindings between them. I'm trying and although I can see the connection between the AP and the client on the right side, MAC B6:16... and 2E:FD... are not in the list on the left side, for example. The graphic display of bindings in the lower part of the window sometimes appears and then disappears (???), despite the fact that the bindings are active - the counter increases. Is there something wrongly set or a bug?
Uploaded files:
  • WiFi.jpg

Your CPU is running on 100%, might cause some problems.

First test it on a better PC and/or set the IQ rate to 92MHz (245MHz is an overkill for WiFi).

I'm using V6 MIL EE, with the PC you supplied (included), IQ rate width reduced, CPU utilization 26%, same problem - not showing APs and clients (although it shows bindings), after a few minutes the graphic display of bindings disappears.

Which package version are you using? Latest Version is


I have

Cant reproduce. Works fine so far on our test unit. You could send us an IQ record and we can have a look to it.