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IQ Signal Classifier

The IQ Signal Classifier block decodes and classifies multiple modulations within an IQ stream:

IQ Signal Classifier Block | IQ Modulation Decoding

Left hand side Input:

  • IQ

Right hand side Output:

  • Spectra
  • Pulse
  • Events


The block setup is a bit complex but only needs basic settings to adjust your signal detection as there are:

  • Minimum Power Rise
  • Minimum Noise Offset
  • Minimum Total Power
  • Minimum & Maximum Pulse Duration
  • Minimum & Maximum Frequency Span

In addition you can also adjust the Pulse Extractor, the Symbol Decoding type and finaly activate an optional DSSS Correlator (Wi-Fi only):

IQ Signal Classifier Setup


A typical running block might look like attached:

IQ Symbol Classifier in Action


When attaching a File Writer block to the Events output every single symbol decoding (Event) will be saved as an IQ snipped to disk incl. an additional JSON file containing the file information. This can result in hundreds of files per second so it is wisely to configure the system to create a new folder every 60 seconds. Such a file base migt look like:

IQ File Database


Within a folder the data structure looks like:

IQ Database Files


A typical mission:

IQ Signal Classifier Mission


A video showing the block in action:

Hello, I am looking at the displayed examples of block work. I assume that the given database is created with the use of multiple receivers - it contains records of frequencies from approx. 150MHz to 2500MHz. Alternatively, how can you record events in such a wide frequency spectrum (I assume you need RTBW). Thanks for the info.

Its quite clear from the mission how it works but we cant tell any more details about the magic of high performace decoding and storage interaction in detail.