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IQ RTBW Correction

The IQ RTBW Correction block corrects the IQ data for third party usage:

IQ RTBW Correction Block

Left hand side Input:

  • IQ

Right hand side Output:

  • IQ (RTBW corrected IQ)

If you use the RTSA Suite PRO software you dont need to worry about this issue, all I/Q data will be corrected fully automatic e.g. via the IQ Power Spectrum block but if you want to use a third party software e.g. Matlab or GNU Radio you might need to slightly correct the I/Q data coming from the SPECTRAN V6. In this case you can use our new IQ RTBW Correction block.

We are only speaking about 2-3dB and only at some very special setups (filter edges) but just to be sure you should add the IQ RTBW Correction block in front of the File Writer or HTTP Server block before saving or streaming I/Q data to a third party software. The setup is quite simple and only consists of a Calibration Filter Size and Adjust Calibration on/off checkbox:

IQ RTBW Correction Settup


A mission might look like:

A live RTBW IQ Correction Screenshot


Typical Mission:

IQ RTBW Correction Block | Typical Mission