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IQ Pulse Inspector - ASK Decoding Problem

I have a recorded signal from the car control (ASK modulation) and I tried to analyze and decode it through IQ Pulse Inspector, see the result in the first picture. Is it possible if I select a signal to force a new attempt to correctly analyze and decode the selected one? I tried to do this with IQ Oscilloscope and the decoding did not take place there either (Auto was selected and then ASK)

Uploaded files:
  • IQ-433-ASK.jpg
  • IQ-433-ASK_1.jpg
  • IQ-Oscill.jpg

Which version are you using?

RTSA PRO V2.2.0.12153

IQ Pulse Inspector  V2.5.0.1

Seems to be OK. Please send us the IQ record so we can have a look to it.

I sent to [email protected].

Hello, I sent the IQ data via WeTransfer, but no one downloaded it. ???

Try again with a full email otherwise this will be moved to spam.

Hello, I have sent again via WeTransfer