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IQ Pulse Inspector needs Sorting Feature

Hello, would it be possible to enable the sorting of data in columns in the results of analysis and decoding of data? It would help if I'm looking for a signal of a certain kind, a certain length, etc. Thanks

Hello, would it be possible to add the content of the decoded data to the table for the export option?

The latest version offers an export feature:

Hello, how can I export the Pulse symbols of all decoded pulses? I can't mark more than one. Thanks

Only one is possible at a time. The new automatic version thow saves all of them. If wanted even 24/7:

Hello, is this a new version of IQ Pulse Inspector that already contains what we require? If so, when would the block update be available? Thank you

See Twitter posting: Its new and will be available soon (but quite expensive).

And don't you consider the possibility of marking multiple signals to export the decoded data in the IQ Pulse Inspector block (it was also quite expensive)?

We will see. Might be an interesting feature.

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