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IQ oscilloscope symbol export

Hi folks,

I am debugging a GFSK signal with the IQ Oscilloscope, and get the GFSK symbols decoded.

Now I really want to get these exported into some data/text file, so I can visualize them with my own C# program, manchester and protocol decoded.

But when I look in the Stream Debugger, all the symbols are being shown as "0,00". And when I click the "export symbol" in the tab header nothing happens.


Would need some help / ideas here how to get the packet GFSK symbols exported to file



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Exporting symbolds & decoded data is only possible with the IQ Pulse Inspector block:

Thanks for quick reply. However, the IQ Pulse Inspector is a bit costly for us at this point. Would it be possible in any other way, for example via the script module or the HTTP server, or other?


So far this not possible with the IQ Oscilloscope. Its already a big bonus to ses the decoding for free.

The next release will allow you to copy symbols to clipboard in IQ Oscilloscope & IQ Pulse Inspector:


I have the same demand

I even have the "pulse inspector" option. but there are 2 problems. first this block doesn't have perfect decoder and second it needs too much tuning.

on the other hand, this block is for blind demodulation while I need a decoder for a known symbol rate and modulation type.

I need a way which is controllable by script block to have symbols decoded by IQ oscilloscope block.

could you please do this for me? I think this is possible since the oscilloscope has "symbol" output but I think this output is not working.



If you're comfortable with using the Script block, you can include the IQ symbol decoder directly in its DSP pipeline like this:

import { DSPStream } from "dspstream.js";

function handlePacket(flags, meta, samples) {
let s = samples();

async function init() {
await DSPStream.addBlocks({decoder: { type: "IQSymbolDecoder" }});
await DSPStream.connectBlocks([
{source: "in0", drain: "decoder"},
{source: "decoder", drain: "script", input: "in0"}

DSPStream.receivePackets(0, handlePacket);


That will redirect the first input of the script block to the symbol decoder, and reconnect its output to the script block input so it can be handled within the receivePacket() handler function. You can adjust the symbol decoder parameters (same as in the IQ Oscilloscope) in its "Script Block Config" submenu.