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IQ generation using SPECTRAN_V6


I am using the SPECTRAN_V6, while for signal analysis using RTSA-Suite PRO - Stable (Windows), I am able to visualize the signal. But when I am using Signal Generator Software (Windows) 1.6.6 software for signal generation, the hardware is not detecting.

Please help.



Hardware issue


The Signal Generator Software is only for our older BPSG generators. Signal generation with the Spectran V6 is done with the RTSA-Suite software.


Thanks for quick reply, it means I can use RTSA-Suite PRO - Stable (Windows) for signal generation and analysis.

Can you please share relevant examples, notes/videos for the same, also please share the process to use it with MATLAB.




Check the following forum threads for some information:


As we do not use Matlab ourselves we can only provide limited support for interfacing it with the Spectran V6.