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IQ Demodulator

The IQ Demodulator can extract/demodulate a new signal(s) from an IQ stream:

IQ Demodulator Block

Left hand side Input:

  • IQ

Right hand side Output:

  • IQ (extracted new IQ stream)


The IQ Demodulator block can extract/demodulate a portion or even multiple portions from an IQ signal. The center frequency and span incl. a new sample rate can be set as needed. An addition we have added a low pass filter, a bounds check and a processing latency control:

IQ Demodulator Settings

A typical mission: Two signals extracted from a single IQ signal for further processing:

IQ Demodulator Typical Mission

Typical Mission:

ID Demodulator Typical Mission



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How many maximum individual signals can be extracted from a 80 MHz IQ stream (from V6 RF Input)? If I understand correctly, we need to add that many IQ demodulators in parallel - is there any software limit? Can you specify CPU core/RAM requirement on average for each IQ demodulator block?

Quote from AdminTC on 08/03/2021, 16:57

The IQ Demodulator can extract/demodulate a new signal(s) from an IQ stream:

There is no limit from the software.

The CPU and RAM load is quite low but try yourself on your local machine.

Can you provide more details on this block ...

Is this block actually demodulating or channelizing?

How are you performing the modulation recognition and do you (can you) provide a confidence level?  Might also be nice to see some info on the clock recovery.

Would it be possible to allow entry of a specific demodulation (including symbol rate)?

What is actually coming out of the IQ output, an IQ stream of (packaged) symbols?  If so, I would assume at the clock recovery rate and modulation format?

Would love to have some very detailed instruction on this block and it's operation bounds.


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