RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.2

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Can I program the sequence of Input selection in Stream Multiplexer block ?

Can I program the sequence of Input selection in Stream Multiplexer block ?

Eg: I have say three streams [ (1)IQ Power Spectrum 1 , (2)PTZ Camera, (3) Sector Jammer ]. Do I have choice to program sequences say with a time delay Td between them  as below in Stream Multiplexer block ? If Yes , How ?

Sequence-1 : (1) Td=2seconds , (2)Td=2 seconds , (3) Td=60 seconds

Sequence-2 : (2) Td=60seconds , (3)Td=20 seconds , (1) Td=20 seconds

Or the selection is manually using GUI one at a time.


The Stream Multiplexer block offers no time control.

I think what you are looking for is our new Receiver Band Sequencer but this will only work for the IQ data:

Oh TC was a bit faster than me...anyway i prepared the answer already:

It should be possible by using the Script block or the Control Sequencer block to switch/select the value for the Input parameter of the Stream Multiplexer block. But currently the remote configuration for the Stream Multiplexer block is still not implemented. I will create a case in our Todo list, it should be available soon.

May I ask you what you want to do? As far as I can see, switching between your mentioned streams does not make much sense (Maybe for data reduction?). An IQ Stream is different than a Video Stream and the Jammer block does not really provide a data stream. And you would need to separate the time multiplexed streams again for further processing or visualization which adds complexity. Maybe there is a more elegant solution for your project.


I included the Jammer block in my example as I found it part of a mission file. Please see the attachment.

The Receiver Band Sequencer looks now more relevant to me. Thanks for the link. Studying....

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Ah I see, perfect!