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Increase the time column on the CSV file export to more than 6 decimal places.


I exported an RTSA file to CSV: using the RTSA GUI and the export dialog of the File Reader block.

Here is an extract of the CSV file:

189.700050, 0.00543301, 0.0126493
189.700050, -0.000792083, 0.000153385
189.700050, 0.00123589, -0.00164919
189.700050, -0.00347466, 0.00730934
189.700050, 0.00655439, -0.00491939
189.700050, -0.00237758, -0.00181824
189.700051, 0.00249692, 0.00487844
189.700051, -0.00177787, -0.00212026
189.700051, -0.00446864, -0.00433052
189.700051, -0.00150206, 0.0115566

The time column is 6 decimal places so it doesn't have enough resolution to uniquely time stamp each sample. At 92MSamples/s I get 92 samples with the same time stamp.

It is a pain when trying to align the time columns across 2 separate channels of data and 2 File Reader blocks. As I don't have a license for the multi stream logger or stream merger blocks.

Would it be possible to expand the number of decimal places from 6 to 8 or 9.

I haven't checked the output of the standalone RTSAFileTool.  Maybe that is the same.

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This indeed makes sense. We will add some more digits soon.


We are adding 3 more digits with the newest build from tonight on (9 instead of 6) for times.


Many thanks. I will download and check it out.

Have a good day,