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Imported trace in Wrapped Spectrum not visible after RTSA update


I recently updated RTSA from 2.1 to latest release. During this update, the installer also updated the Spectran V6 firmware automatically.

I now have a problem with importing traces.

Using Wrapped Spectrum block, when I import a previously saved trace (I save the max hold trace when I’m out on location) *saved after the update* it is not visible, even if "visible" is checked. It simply doesn’t appear as a visible trace, but appears in the legend box.

However, all my saved traces *before the update* are still visible when imported, just like before, and thus works as expected.

I use the same mission file both out on location and later at home when importing the traces.

Please advice. For my use, it’s crucial to be able to save and import traces in RTSA for viewing at a later time.


So, looking at the two csv files, the file saved after the RTSA update has a different header with more info than the old one saved before the update. This might explain why one trace is visible, the other not.

Please fix this bug. Or let me download the 2.1 version again where everything worked well.

We've fixed the problem for the next version. In the meantime you should be able to work around this issue by simply removing the added headers.

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Thanks. Please make sure both old and new saved traces can be imported and viewed correctly in the next update in order to not render a lot of measurements made with the 2.1 version useless.

I found a 2.1 version in my downloads folder I’m using for now.

New version will simply skip those new headers when parsing the files as they were only added on the export as reference for users/other applications. So removing them is save.

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