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HTTP Server

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The powerful HTTP Server block in combination with the HTTP Client block can handle any data format (I/Q, SPECTRA, Video etc.) within the RTSA-Suite PRO.


It offers a remote connection of a data stream within the RTSA-Suite PRO and/or the SPECTRAN V6 from anywhere around the world using a local intranet or the WWW, 3G/4G/5G or even a satellite link. It can also be used as interface between the RTSA Suite PRO and external software (see the HTTP Streaming and JSON Protocol forum sections)

HTTP Server Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Stream

Right hand side Output:

  • Stream


Beside the regular Port and Feature settings it also offers an Synch. Stream Clock  and an optional SSL Transport incl. User and Password management.

HTTP Server Block Settings


The HTTP Server block includes a time chart display for Samples/s, Errors/s, Buffer, Bytes/s and some additional numerical displays like Client IP, State, Name  etc.:

HTTP Server Graphical Time Domain Display


Typical Missions:

HTTP Server Block Typical Missions

HTTP Server Block Multi Data Connections

Hi ,

Few queries on http server and http client block:

  1. Can I connect more than one client on to one http remote server ?
  2. Can I connect more than one V6 cards through one RTSA suite and remote control all of them ?
  3. Any support document to understand and configure V6 through remote client/Server method.


  1. Yes, but you may have to adjust the data rate depending on your configuration and network connection. A single Spectran V6 streaming IQ data can generate over a hundred MBytes per second.
  2. Yes, but you may need to purchase additional HTTP client licenses (only one connection is free)
  3. See RTSA Suite PRO HTTP Stream Server – Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 Support Forum

Thanks for your all prompt responses.

wrt your response Yes, but you may need to purchase additional HTTP client licenses (only one connection is free)

Q: Does this mean one dedicated HTTP client is required per V6 card connect through RTSA. If we use Stream Merger block then why we should require multiple clients ? Shall appreciate if you can sketch a quick block diagram layout showing connecting more than one V6 units through HTTP server and HTTP Client block to remote control more than one Spectran V6.



I think I mixed up points 1 and 2 in my above post.

There are several options how you can connect things. Straightforward option is to use one HTTP server per block you want to forward:

HTTP Server Setup 1

This will make each SPECTRAN V6 block available on its own port which allows for example traffic management with standard network tools and simplifies data processing with third-party applications as they do not have to bother with stream multiplexing. Also useful when serving data to multiple sites to avoid sending unrelated traffic. However only one HTTP Server instance is allowed in the free RTSA-Suite PRO license, additional instances have to be licensed separately (same for HTTP Client).

Alternatively you can use the Stream Merger block to combine multiple data streams before sending it into the HTTP Server block, and then use the Stream Splitter on the client side to untangle them again:

That way only a single HTTP connection has to be configured which can simplify setups greatly. The downside is that no network traffic management can be performed, and traffic might be wasted if the clients do not make use of all incoming streams. Also the Stream Merger and Stream Splitter blocks are not included in the free RTSA-Suite PRO license and need to be obtained separately.

For remote control you can simply use the Remote Config block. This makes the configuration settings of any attached block available in the current RTSA-Suite PRO instance, even across multiple HTTP connections. Alternatively some other blocks like the Spectrum also have some analyzer controls included.


The HTTP Server/Client and Stream Merger/Splitter pairs work completely transparent to attached blocks, so the connection scheme has no direct impact on them.

UPDATE: The HTTP Server block now includes a Bytes/s graph:

HTTP Server with Bytes/s graph

do we need any hardware for 3G, 4G, 5G or Satellite link to be connected with Spectran V6?

any Backhaul harware or VSAT terminals etc etc.?

The HTTP Server block uses whatever network connection is available to the computer the RTSA is running on. All it needs is a working TCP/IP connection, it doesn't care about the underlying technology. So if you want to transfer data over cellular network or a satellite link you of course need the corresponding network setup, hardware and provider.

The Spectran V6 has nothing to do with that connection, it only provides the data.


I could not make some endpoints of http server work especially start and stop control endpoints. How can I make them run? Is the physical hardware (satellite) necessary to run control endpoints? Also, I need to make built-in-tests work. Are there any endpoints about it?

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