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HTTP Client

The powerful HTTP Client block in combination with the HTTP Server block can handle any data format (I/Q, SPECTRA, Video etc.) within the RTSA-Suite PRO.

It offers a remote connection of a data stream within the RTSA-Suite PRO and/or the SPECTRAN V6 from anywhere around the world using a local intranet or the WWW, 3G/4G/5G or even a satellite link.

HTTP Client Block

Right hand side Output:

  • Stream


Besides the regular Server and Port settings it also offers an Auto Connect and an optional SSL Transport incl. User and Password management.

One of the biggest advantages is the powerful data reduction which can be adjusted via a Compression factor or/and a Rate Reduction (Incl. Rate Adaption and Rate Buffer control).

Please note that all of those adjustment only take place after a reconnect.


And finally it offers timing control with the help of the Server Clock Offset and a Synch. Stream Clock feature:

HTTP Client Block Settings


The HTTP Client block includes a time chart display for Samples/s, Errors/s, Buffer, Latency and some additional numerical displays like Bytes/s, Jitter etc.:

HTTP Client Screenshot


As an example, the default data rate without compression:

HTTP Client Default Transfer Rate


And now with a rate reduction of 1000 (reduces the FFTs from 60k to 60):

HTTP Rate Reduction of 1000


And finally a Compression Factor example of factor 6 instead of 1: (Reduces the overall data rate from 64 Million Bytes/s to 27 Million Bytes/s):

HTTP Data Compression of factor 6


Typical Missions:

HTTP Client Typical Mission



UPDATE: The HTTP Client block now includes a Bytes/s graph:

HTTP Client with Bytes/s graph