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FIXED: "Http client /Server " in Windows 11

For connect  http Client to server block

if  "Http sever block "  operation system be Windows 11 , then client cant connect to server and always give error 401

I f "Http client block"  was in Windows 10, or 11 or …its not important , it can connect to server in other windows 10   ,and work well,  only if Sever located in Windows 11 then client cant connect to server.

Windows firewall was off,  I tested other software ("hercules_3-2-8") , they can  connect to server in  windows 11 , but only RTSA software cant work correctly , its amazing

I using the last version of Software ""


Operating system should have absolutely no impact on the behavior of the HTTP block. HTTP status 401 implies that the server expects some authentication credentials. This could be caused by either specifying username+password in the HTTP server block config, or by enabling the general user management in the RTSA.

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