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How to use the SPECTRAN V6 via Matlab

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is this feature (http Server for MATLB) supported by the (old) Spectran V5 as well?

I noticed that I can select a http Server for Spectran V5 in RTSA-suite but with my setup it did not work.
Could be that my company PC blocks ports, that's why I ask here.

Please help me debuggin. Thanks.

The HTTP connection will work with a Spectran V5 as well. You can easily test that the HTTP connection works by accessing the URL in a browser (when using the /stream endpoint that will start a download that you can cancel, when using /sample it should display some data).

There might be some minor differences in the data format that could require changes in the Matlab code to be processed, not sure on that.

Hello again

You provided an excellent matlab example how to convert streamed raw16 data to I and Q values. How about when using float16 or float32 as a stream format ? Could you also provide example code on that also ?


As far as I can tell, it should be sufficient to replace 'int16' with 'float16' or 'float32' in the cast instruction and remove the '/header.scale' part in the lines below.

Also when using float32 also change 'size = header.samples * 4' to 'size = header.samples * 8'.


But I'm not familiar with Matlab programming, just guessing here what that example program does in detail.

Hi jhexa,

mm_dev is absolutely correct.

Also have a look at the typecast function of Matlab, by using the typecast to 'single' which should interpret the data as IEEE 32bit floating point values:

16bit floating point precision is not supported by this typecast function. Here is an article at the Mathworks blog about half precision values:


We are looking to play data generated in Matlab using the V6 (generate I,Q samples in Matlab, send it to the hardware and then play it). Please guide on the process.


Use the File Source block which supports the import of different IQ standards (you might need to export your file to one of those from Matlab).


Thank you for your reply. Please guide us where to find the file source block (import file).

Thank you,


Thank you. We found the block.

We are new to this product so may I ask if you could point me to article that step-by-step speaks about implementing the design.


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