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how to transmit time shift record

Hi Aaronia team

I'm using SpectraN v6 RSA250x. in my project I need to record data from Rx and after some seconds I will need to replay it via 'stream mode' in tx. because I want to have as much as possible low delay, don't want to save my records to file and read it again. and when I record with "time shift" block it seems that my record is available it RAM so it should work! but unfortunately it doesn't work and my current idea is to save to file and read again but it is not efficient for my work. I even check stream portal but it didn't work so.

any help is appreciated


This should be what you are looking for:

thanks to your response but:

just downloaded the mission: "Stream-Capture-Playback-Demo"

when I payed attention to your configuration on timeshift block its playback mode was on "realtime" mode and as I know this mode is for playing data just at the time capturing it

But I need to save signal from Rx and turn off Rx and turn on Tx and then play the recorded signal so I need "once" mode in timeshift block

now my question is how may I play recorded data in "once" mode to transmit on the air.



and I think this should be noted that when I play time shift the Tx box is yellow because of underflow and when I see the stats of SPECTRAN block the sending rate is ZERO samples/sec so I think time shift block is not working well

Please check the hints at

thanks admin, but there isn't any mission in your guiding link about "time shift" block

let me ask my question more clear, please forget receiving from SPECTRAN. just imagine I have a simple time shift that has captured e.g. 1GB of a signal and the capturing has stopped earlier so now may I just play this record and send it via stream mode of Tx.
just imaging I have a time shift block and V6 block no additive modules. may I do so? can you do this simple mission?

The problem is the missing "Emulate Realtime" checkbox within the TimeShift block. We just added it to the latest build. Now it should work as expected:

Replay IQ files from TimeShift block