RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.2

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How to add GPS Information to the File Writer block?

How to output Location information into a File Writer block?I use the File Writer Block to store files and the File Reader Show block to enable location information, But the location information is not displayed.


No GPS Information

All available data will be saved fully automatic to the file writer so no need for any setup but do you have the GPS (Option) activated for the V6?

Optional you can simply add your GPS position incl. heading manually (static location) to the Calibration block. Those data will be added to the file:

Add GPS Postion to the V6

Adding GPS Location via Calibration Block




I modified the GPS position in Calibration Block and automatically obtained the GPS information in V6 Block. However, In IQ Power Spectrum, The  GPS position information was still the default information in reality and was not updated, It's very difficult for me to test data fusion in different places.My installed software version  is v1.5.152.8901。Please help me find out the cause of the problem and the solution.Thank you very much.

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You can only use one GPS setup, dont use Calibration if you use the V6 GPS and vsvs. Also make sure to catch enough satelites. 5 for sure are not enough.


8901 is very old please use the latest nightly builds for best performance.