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How to export the "Shape detector Block" traces/result to disk?

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Quote from David3542 on 29/04/2022, 16:40

same as above example ,with the script , control the pulse inspector block and receive the result of block in the script for do some additional process

The symbol table that is displayed in the IQ Pulse Inspector block cannot be directly accessed from a script block. You can however access the general symbol decoding functionality using the "IQSymbolDecoder" DSP processing block.

Thank you for you reply

"IQSymbolDecoder"  block, ! I cant fid it , where is it ?


It's not an RTSA block with a user interface, but a DSP processing block for internal use e.g. in the Script block.

See page 61 at The Pulse Inspector RTSA block uses it for the actual symbol decoding. But it also uses several other DSP processing blocks for additional features like data export, generating Spectra data and visualization.

Think of RTSA blocks (the ones you see in the Blockgraph Editor) as user interfaces, and the DSP processing blocks as the actual function units. In some cases a RTSA block might directly correspond to a DSP processing block, but often a RTSA block will utilize multiple processing blocks internally. As said previously, this unfortunately isn't well documented yet.

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