RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.2

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Histogram Block

The Histogram (Persistance) block shows frequency domain, power domain and time domain in one single 2D view:

Histogram Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra


The Histogram block is very helpful in finding hidden or very short signals within a signal/spectrum. It shows the percentage of the time that a given frequency is present in a signal. Since the color adjustment is crucial for such a measurement we have added a powerful adjustments (some are even unique) to optimize the measurement:

First of all you can adjust the Persistence Factor (0-100%), the number of Bins (16 to 2048) and even a Over-Sampling (-4 to 2).

In addition you can select from a set of powerful drawing modes:

  • dots (default)
  • contiguous
  • lines
  • fill
  • temporal

Those will boost the visibility a lot, depending on the signal type. And finally we have added an adjustable Frame Duration and a Short Pulse feature (e.g. for Bluetooth). You can even add different traces to the histogram (Average, Max Hold, Min Hold, Quasi-Peak, Maximum Fall, Outline, Pulsed Shape etc.):

Histogram (Persistance) View Settings


A typical Measurement:

WiFi and Bluetooth. The dominating Advertising Channels 37, 38 and 39 are much brighter since they have more pulses/s (higher density over time):

Wifi and Bluetooth as Spectrum Histogram


Not to forget a powerful density marker feature and the advanced color control with multiple adjustment points (sweep hopping signal):

Powerfull Density Marker Feature


Another real live measurement showing some LTE channels. Great to see that the Telekom channels produce much more traffic:

LTE Histogram view incl. Provider Display


Typical Mission:

A typical Histgram Mission