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HiSLIP-SCPI Server block

For all old-school measurement girls and boys wanna control the RTSA Suite PRO via SCPI commands, here comes the new HiSLIP-SCPI Server block.

The HiSLIP protocol if enabled, is supported by the Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA).

Therefore, many third-party software, hardware and programming tools should support the RTSA Suite Pro out of the box. Here are some examples, but there are many more:


You can control all configruation items of the RTSA Suite Blocks used in a predefined RTSA Suite Mission. Here for example a command set to configure the center frequency of the IQ Signal Generator block and get 100 IQ data packets:


iqsignalgenerator_0:main:centerfreq 20000000;*wait\n

stream:count 100; stream:start\n


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How do I get this block?

Kindly provide commands manual to control Spectran V6. The manual I got only contains commands regarding IQ Signal Generator.

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Hi qureshiooo,

your question gets awnsered in the new thread here