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NOW AVAILABLE: High Power Broad Band HyperLOG PRO Antenna up to 40GHz

A new generation of high power HyperLOG antennas, the HyperLOG PRO series up to 40GHz, will hit the market soon.


This antenna will offer a new gain concept:

So far the HyperLOG antenna gain was stable over the frequency but we now changed it to be rising over frequency.

This makes them more directional and the perfect choice to measure or detect much smaller signals at higher frequencies e.g. within the 5G or Wifi6 bands.

In addition we have raised the maximum power load to >=100W which will make them the perfect choice for highly efficient jammers.

More to come soon.

In addition we will offer three different high gain series with optimized dimensions within the following frequency ranges (minimum):

  • 400MHz to 8GHz (SMA)
  • 700 MHz - 18GHz (SMA)
  • 1800MHz to 40GHz (2,92mm)


Seth has reacted to this post.

Looks really great. Can't wait to see the spec sheet. Please please can we have a version with N type connector!

Sorry the N type connector would not fit for the housing and since we also need to support the small 2,92mm connectors for >18GHz.

And a bulky and heavy N cable makes no fun for mobile DF applications.

It's strange that the N cable must be much heavier... the two very low loss 2m cables I have (not Aaronia) are both exactly the same weight, one is N type and the other is SMA.  Only the adapter on the end is different in weight (by 1gm).  Anyway I understand what you say, if it won't fit in the housing then nothing to be done. It's a pity.

The new HyperLOG PRO series is now available for pre-order at

40GHz UWB antenna series