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NOW AVAILABLE: High-End Ultra-Broadband 12 Channel Server Rack SPECTRAN V6 ENTERPRISE with up to 1500MHz RTBW

We will soon present the new 2U SPECTRAN V6 ENTERPRISE rack with up to 12 Rx & 6 Tx channels and an ultra high real-time bandwidth of up to 1500MHz.

The 2U full length rack will include 6 of the latest SPECTRAN V6 receivers, the latest AMD Epyc processor with 64/128 cores (single or dual processor version), 2TB of high speed memory and lots of ultra fast SSDs for massive IQ recording and a dual 100GbE for maximum data throughput to the outside world.

As an option we will offer an extra super fast 1U SSD storage monster rack with 512TB or 1PB (1000TB) with dual 100GbE.

Our RTSA-Suite PRO software will fully support this monster incl. massive real-time receiver stitching and full remote control and data transfer down to IQ level.

The goal of the SPECTRAN V6 ENTERPRISE generation is to offer the ultimate fully scalable real-time spectrum analyzer and counter surveillance machine for any existing or future RF monitoring or decoding challenge...

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The first pictures of the fully loaded cascadable "SPECTRAN V6 ENTERPRISE-6" version including 6 x SPECTRAN V6 receiver offering 1500MHz RTBW, an integrated UWB splitter and an ultra accurate GPS time-sync module:

SPECTRAN V6 Server closed

SPECTRAN V6 Server open

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The first picture of a massive IQ recording and playback system based on the new 19" SPECTRAN V6 Enterprise solution.

Each server-rack includes nine SPECTRAN V6 Enterprise racks with 1500MHz RTBW each:

Realtime IQ Recorder SPECTRAN V6 Enterprise

The SPECTRAN V6 ENTERPRISE is now available. Please visit our online shop for details:

There is only one word for this - WOW!

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