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Grid Waterfall

The Grid Waterfall block (Grid Spectrogram) shows up to 16 waterfall displays within a single view:

Grid Waterfall (Spectrogram) Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra (up to 16)

Right hand side Output:

  • Output (selected waterfall)


The Grid Waterfall block is the perfect choice to monitor multiple Spectra data streams within a single compact view. Up to 16 Spectra streams can be combined within a single window.

Many powerful adjustments can optimize the view for your needs e.g. an adjustable Time Compression (1 to 100k with different compression methods), full Color Coding, a Frequency Profile display for every view, a Columns adjustment to sort and wrap the waterfall views and a lot more.

One waterfall can be selected, working as a switch, to stream only the data 1:1 to the Output for further analysis:

Grid Waterfall Block Setups


A typical screenshot showing 4 different waterfalls combined within a single view. The "Remote Station TOWER#1" is selected to stream the data for further detailed investigation to the Output connection:

Grid Waterall Display combining up to 16 Waterfalls within a single view


The same setup but now with 8 Spectra streams and 2 columns wrapping:

Wrapped Waterfall with multiple Collumns


A typical mission:

Grid Waterfall Mission Example