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Grid Waterfall

The Grid Waterfall block (Grid Spectrogram) shows up to 16 waterfall displays within a single view:

Grid Waterfall (Spectrogram) Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra (up to 16)

Right hand side Output:

  • Output (selected waterfall)


The Grid Waterfall block is the perfect choice to monitor multiple Spectra data streams within a single compact view. Up to 16 Spectra streams can be combined within a single window while each maintaining an independent time axis.

Many powerful adjustments can optimize the view for your needs e.g. an adjustable Time Compression (1 to 100k with different compression methods), full Color Coding, a Frequency Profile display for every view, a Columns adjustment to sort and wrap the waterfall views and a lot more.

One waterfall can be selected, working as a switch, to stream only the data 1:1 to the Output for further analysis:

Grid Waterfall Block Setups


A typical screenshot showing 4 different waterfalls combined within a single view. The "Remote Station TOWER#1" is selected to stream the data for further detailed investigation to the Output connection:

Grid Waterall Display combining up to 16 Waterfalls within a single view


The same setup but now with 8 Spectra streams and 2 columns wrapping:

Wrapped Waterfall with multiple Collumns


A typical mission:

Grid Waterfall Mission Example