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NEW: GPS Disciplined Time Base with 5ppb/200ppt via Software Update

We will soon offer a new software option to automatically adjust and calibrate the SPECTRAN V6 sample clock via the internal GPS/GNSS receiver.

This will offer a super accurate 5ppb (TCXO) or 200ppt (OCXO) time and frequency accuracy for all SPECTRAN V6 around the world, making the SPECTRAN V6 the perfect tool for setting up passive radars, multi station TDOA or super accurate frequency monitoring.

The attached picture shows the frequency deviation of two GPS disciplined SPECTRAN V6 receivers. We are feeding the same CW test signal to both receivers and get almost 100% the same trace/result:

GPS/GNSS Disciplined Sample Clock


Nice to see how the GPS can perfectly correct the basic TCXO time base frequency:

GPS adjusts the TCXO Time Base

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In addition the same graph with our optional OCXO time base.

With the help of the new GNSS/GPS feature we are now reaching a whopping 0,2 ppb (200 ppt!) frequency accuracy after 15 minutes of warmup:

0,2 ppb (200 ppt!) frequency accuracy after 15 minutes of warmup



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If I already choose  the GPS Disciplined Time Base (Offers an extremely accurate time and frequency base (5ppb TCXO or 200ppt OCXO) through local oscillator GPS-disciplining. ),  Is it means that  I won't need buy the additional GPS Stream option (Extends the RTSA-Suite PRO together with an existing GPS Receiver (option 0401 GPS) to an accurate 10ns time server (NTP).)? Or is it different option respectively?

What license option will be required to obtain accurate 10nS timestamp of the data stream? It means, the timestamp of the V6 export for each data stream, is deviated  within accurate 10nS, which relative to the standard GPS time.

If you only want to synchronize a single Spectran V6 with GPS time, then you only need "GPS Discliplined Time Base".

The "GPS Stream" option allows you to synchronize the main RTSA clock to the GPS time of a single Spectran V6. Which can then be used as input for multiple other Spectran V6 and also act as NTP server to synchronize other RTSA instances in the same network to have a common timebase.

Using the  "GPS Disciplined Time Base" only, I wonder I also can obtain the accurate GPS timestamp for SDK data package,  same as “GPS Stream” ?

Can I choose "GPS" as Stream Clock Source while only using the "GPS Disciplined Time Base" key? Could you send me some more link on forum about this option? Maybe I don't understand the use of "GPS Disciplined Time Base" yet.

The disciplined timebase option is only for frequency stability as shown in the screenshots above. If you want GPS timestamps you need the GPS Stream option.

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