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GPS and timestamp

I recently started to use my SpectranV6-RSA 500 with GPS.

In my mission file, I connected the stream output of Spectran-V6 to IQ Power Spectram, IQ File Writer and IQ Stream Debugger.

I configured the Spectran-V6 to the followings:

  1. Stream Clock Source: GPS
  2. GPS Mode: Time

The problem I faced is that it takes about 30 mins for the GPS time and GPS dTime to appear even though GPS Sats shows 14. After the GPS time switch from N/A to a valid GPS time, when I start the Spectran-V6, the signal was not moving when observe from the IQ Power Spectrum. However, when I changed the Stream Clock Source to Consumer and re-connected and start the Spectran-V6, I could see my signal from the IQ Power Spectrum. I often have to wait for the next day before I could see my signal and GPS time stamp in the IQ Spectrum and Stream Debugger .

Below are the version used

Frontend version: C0 Rx/Tx/6.0.2

FPGA version: 2.6.3/2.8.11/0/7





Hello Johnny,

I'm trying to understand and duplicate your problem.

What GPS antenna are you using?

Is it an active antenna?

What is the power consumption in case it is an active one?

Is the antenna outside of a building or inside?

Which GNSS is active in your region?


Please note, that while listing 14 satellites it does not mean they all have a valid time pulse. We show all satellites, even with a weak signal.