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RF Drive Test

The RF Drive Test block offers a powerful RF drive test solution:

RF Dive Test block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra


All you need for operation is a PC/Laptop, a SPECTRAN V6 with GPS option (or our GNSS Compass for best possible accuracy) and an OmniLOG PRO antenna (use the magnetic stand to mount it on the rooftop of your vehicle) - done. Optional you can use this solution as a man pack RF monitoring system. Simply place above hardware in backpack and walk around the area you want to monitor/record.

You can select a specific band and/or channel(s) or even a wide frequency range for example record the complete 6GHz range and get a live heat map showing the corresponding signal strength of every selected signal.

After recording, you can even select a different specific frequency range or channel to generate a new RF power heat map for the newly selected range only.

A great tool for:

  • Performance Analysis
  • Integration of New Sites and change parameters of Existing Sites
  • Marketing
  • Benchmarking
  • Locate hidden or illegal transmitter
  • Back pack RF monitoring


The block setup is quite simple and only needs our typical well known map setup (e.g. online via Open Streetmap or your own offline mapa data, grid type etc.) and the heat map adjustment.In addition we added two features which are very helpfull for a perfect heat map setup:

  • Signal Range (from 5m to 200m). It adjusts the interpolation size.
  • Position Interpolation (from 1 to 10). It fills gaps with low GPS updates.

RF Drive Test Setup


After setup your mission might look like attached screenshot. Select the frequency or band of interest and you get the corrosponding field strength heat map:

RF Drive Test Screenshot


Another record with some adjustments in map brightness and smalles possible signal range tracking bluetooth channel 37 only:

RF Drive Test at its best


Attached a typical mission using the GNSS Compass for highest possible accuracy:

RF Test Drive | Typical Mission


Another mission using the optional GPS of the SPECTRAN V6 instead:

RF Test Drive simple mission


A mission reading a test drive record from disk:

Record to RF Test Drive

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SofonBrain Chi

What about spectran V6 for 44 GHz. Do we need to wait for it or use the 70 GHz power meter?

Also, do you have any blocks for L3 decoding required for 5G NSA/NR?

The power meter will also be available for the 26GHz V6.

Many decoders are on the way.

Stay tuned...

Hi all,

Working in underground facilities, without any GPS, what would be possible to use to "locate" the measurement points ? For a walk test, is it possible with RF Drive Test to pinpoint places on a proprietary map ? And for a drive test (about 10km long), is it possible to trigger the measurement with a third party device ?

No that's no possible and you need to use our supported GNSS/GPS devices e.g. the GPS option for SPECTRAN V6.

A great video showing how to use other GPS devices us shown at

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