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Generate a sweep over 802.11 (with modulation)

I have been having some issues with using the Spactran V6 to generate the required signals for my company’s projects. I hope you can help with the following.

Spectran V6 Signal Generator (with RTSO-Pro software).

  • The objective is to generate a Wifi signal sweep (with QAM256 (OFDM) Modulation) in the following frequency ranges:
  • 2.4 GHZ (2.4-2.5)
  • 5 GHz (5.1-5.9)
  • The following frequency ranges are used to mimic the Wifi portable devices.
  • The sweeps: step (20 MHz) alternating between the wifi channels for each frequency range.

Previously Aaronia team recommended the following solutions:

  1. The Receiver Band Sequencer Block
  2. The Sweep Generator Block


Please let me know what the best method is to be used for my set-up.

Your help is greatly appreciated,

See solution posted at

That you for responding to my post.

Previously this solution was proposed (Same solution post). However, the Receiver band sequencer block did not work as intended. Someone from Aaronia team mentioned that the issue will be fixed later in the upcoming software updates. Will I be able to transmit the required sweeps via a transmitting antenna using this mission file (&recommended block) if I go ahead and purchase it?


Best regards.

Sure, it does. I don't see why it should not work.