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Frequency Range Follower

The new Frequency Range Follower block changes the center frequency and span of an additional (follower) SPECTRAN V6 RSA according to the cursor of the first SPECTRAN V6 RSA.

Frequency Range Follower Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Stream (second SPECTRAN V6 RSA)
  • Control (get cursor settings)

Right hand side Output:

  • Stream (1:1 pass through of Stream input)


This block allows the user to setup a full frequency sweep of the entire frequency band e.g. the full 6GHz and at the same time control the center frequency and span of an additional SPECTRAN V6 RSA (follower) with the cursor.

Since the follower SPECTRAN V6 RSA can run fully independent in real-time mode you can use it as a decoder/demodulator at the cursor position or why not use another FFT size to get an even higher resolution at that specific position within the spectrum?

The possibilities for this solutions are quite endless and offer a complete new handling of spectrum monitoring, just as it should be.


No adjustments within the block are needed.

Please note that the follower SPECTRAN V6 RTSA will not change the RTBW size, only span and center frequency.


The following screenshot shows a 6GHz sweep and a cursor located at an signal of interest.

The sweep runs all the time while the second SPECTRAN V6 operates at full IQ rate at the cursor position/range (spectrum & waterfall view at the bottom):

Real-Time Cursor within a Full Span Frequency Sweep


The mission for the above screenshot:

RF Monitoring: Real-Time Cursor Mission

A professional directional finding (DF) setup would look like the attached:

It uses two SPECTRAN V6 RTSA units. One is running in sweep mode all the time. The second V6 is set to the signal of interest within the sweep with the help of the cursor and is connected to our DF antenna IsoLOG 3D DF. The output of the Frequency Range Follower block is connected to our IsoLOG Directional Finding block which will show you the direction of the signal of interested on your map (incl. topography).

A real cool application:Directional Finding at its best

Sofon has reacted to this post.

We upgraded the Frequency Range Follower block to V fixing a bug:

If no selection was marked within the Wrapped Spectrum block running in sweep mode the connected Frequency Range Follower block produced a zero size span request which produced a high CPU load. This is now fixed:

Frequency Range Follower block upgrade to