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File Writer/Reader Format Request

It would be a very nice feature to be able to save (and recall) simple 16-bit unsigned integer recordings ...

  1. Type 1 : Even number of unscaled 2's compliment, 16-bit, byte reversed/big-endian, I-Q binary samples (byte swapped on x86 processors)
  2. Type 2: Even number of unscaled 2's compliment, 16-bit, NOT byte reversed/little-endian, I-Q binary samples (NOT byte swapped on x86 processors)

Both files should have a file extension of *.bin

As an option, you can save an additional parallel file of all the header information (i.e. Fc, Span, SR, Gain, Antenna, ...), this wile will be plain text (*.txt) with the same name as the above *.bin file

Of course it will be the responsibility of the user to know how to play these files back (i.e. Sample Rate), which bring up another point of how to playback arbitrary waveform files using the V6.

On top of that, as a general recommendation: the .cfile format used in GNU Radio.

3. interleaved float32 I/Q values normalized to -1 .. +1 without any header

Where the filename usually contains information about the sampling rate.
Some people/tools gave names like "gsm_today_32.cfile" which meant decimation rate of 32 (on the native 64MHz USRP clock).

Please send us sample files with accurate description then we can work on it (e.g. for verification).

Will do, I will make some fresh cuts of either the FM band or a Motorola FMRS type of radio (this way you can easily verify).

Does Aaronia have a server/portal where I can drop these files, or should I put them on my Google Drive?

At the moment we do not have a public upload site (this is being worked on). If you have a hosting service available you can use that and provide us with the link.

I just send a Google Drive notification to [email protected] to pick up the capture files.