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File Writer - Buffer Fill 100%

Hello, I have a V6 MIL EE, I am trying to store data with an IQ of 92MHz, I only have a Spectran V6 block and a File Writer. If the device is running on battery, the buffer fill shows 100%. Battery mode is Best Performance. It saves places 266MB/s only cc 170MB/s. Is there any solution? I want to use the device mainly as a portable device - powering the internal battery. Anyway, sometimes it happens even with the power connected. Thanks


It behaves completely irregularly, sometimes the buffer memory fills up to 20% on average even when running on batteries, sometimes 100% all the time (and only part of the data is saved) even when the power is connected. Same setup, same mission, same frequency spectrum, same environment - the recording process is always different.

Is your compression level at 1 (not 0)?

That doesn't sound right, the storage used in the V6 MIL should easily handle that rate of data even over long periods of time. Can you check the temperature of the SSD using a tool like HwInfo64, high transfer rates or prolonged operations will produce heat, and if that for some reason isn't dissipated properly it may cause the SSD to slown down extremely. Maximum operating temperature of a SSD should be about 70°C, at that point most SSDs will start to throttle bandwidth to reduce heat generation.

The compression ratio was set to 1. It will probably be temperature related as you state. Anyway, the device recorded for about two hours at an IQ rate of 92 MHz (battery powered), file splitting was set after 5 minutes (due to insufficient computer performance in the Spectran6 MIL EE, so that at least in the preview of the stored data you can see if there is anything interesting), and it is noticeable that the files saved later had a smaller size due to data loss. The Spectran 6 MIL EE was placed on a desk in the office, no extreme conditions, but that's what I assumed it was designed for. I will still try to turn on active cooling in the case of battery power. After that, I will try recording at an IQ rate of 245 MHz, where it is also declared only as a storage limitation.