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File Set Reader

The File Set Reader block offers a gapless import and replay of multiple ".rtsa", ".tag" and ".dat" (I/Q, Spectra, Video, Tracking etc.) files from disk.

File Set Reader Block | Import multiple RTSA files

Right hand side output:

  • Stream


The setup is quite simple:

File Set Reader Setup


The great advantage of this block is that you can replay even very long recordings over hours or days just as it would be a single file if you record the files by setting the "Add Index" and "Auto Split File" feature within the File Writer block:

File Writer Long Time Recording Setup


You then get a file set that might look like this:

File Set


Selecting the Testrecord1_00000.rtsa within the File Set Reader will show you a preview all 7 files as it would be one. You can now select part of this or the complete range to replay the file(s):

Loading a File Set