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File Reader - File Read Upstream Blocked

I'm having trouble playing recorded IQ data. If only IQ Pulse Inspector is connected to the block, playback works. However, if a Spectrum or Waterfall block is attached to the block, then playback will not start. If the IQ Power Spectrum block is used, then playback can only be done with the Spectrum block, connecting the Waterfall will not allow playback again. I have Build 12402, not sure if the problem started with the version change. Thanks.

Recorded IQ data cannot be directly pushed into blocks that only accept Spectra data like Spectrum or Waterfall, those need an IQ Power Spectrum block in between like this:


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Yes, but then it plays the file only if the Spectrum block is connected, if I also connect the Waterfall, the mentioned error appears and the file does not play (same mission as you displayed).

That setup works just fine here. What error are you referring to? Not seeing any reference to an actual error in the first post, only "does not play".


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Well, can't reproduce that and don't see why that error would happen in that setup.

Can you check if it only happens with that record, or also with other files that were recorded with different settings (bandwidth, span, ...). If the error doesn't show up consistently please let us know which settings were used for the record where the error does show up (I assume it is pretty large, so transfering would be problematic).

If it does show up consistently, please submit a feedback report (Help menu -> Feedback) for the core developers to look at it, including as many details as possible.