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File Reader

File Reader block:

Import and playback any RTSA-Suite PRO ".rtsa", ".tag" and ".dat" (I/Q, Spectra, Video, Tracking etc.) file from disk.

Also a Powerful export feature.

File Reader Block | Import, Cut and Export any RTSA Datafile

Left hand side input:

  • Sync (Sync with any additional File Reader block)

Right hand side output:

  • Stream


Although it looks quite simple this block includes a lot of powerful features:

  • Read any data format supported by the RTSA-Suite PRO
  • Change playback speed
  • Preview the datafile and conditions (spectrum, video-picture, antenna position etc.)
  • Area playback (mark an area within the preview for playback)
  • Varios playback options (once, loop, steady, contiguous)
  • Cut and save/export a marked area under a new file
  • Export the file or portions of it in any supported format
  • Varios file types for data export (CSV, XML, JSON, RTSA, TAG, DAT, ASC, MAT etc.)
  • Time sync multiple File Reader blocks
  • Change/add power offset, time offset, location (GPS) etc.
  • Unlimited files size support since it only reads portions from disk to memory


File Reader Block Settings

A typical Screenshot showing a marked area which is ready for playback or export:

File Reader Block Screenshot

Typical Missions:

File Reader Typical Missions

As a side note please make sure to add enough "buffer" via the Time Offset feature and to activate the Emulate Realtime checkbox if you use the File Reader to send IQ data to the Tx:

Sending IQ data to the Tx

Is there a way to pause playback and then resume from that position? As it is now, when I press play after pause, it starts from the beginning.

No, this is not the purpose of this block. Use the Time Shift block instead. You can select any part of the record and can even move the selection in time via the mouse:

The same is possible via the File Source block in dynamic mode.

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