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File Reader

File Reader block:

Import and playback any RTSA-Suite PRO ".rtsa", ".tag" and ".dat" (I/Q, Spectra, Video, Tracking etc.) file from disk.

Also a Powerful export feature.

File Reader Block | Import, Cut and Export any RTSA Datafile

Left hand side input:

  • Sync (Sync with any additional File Reader block)

Right hand side output:

  • Stream


Although it looks quite simple this block includes a lot of powerful features:

  • Read any data format supported by the RTSA-Suite PRO
  • Change playback speed
  • Preview the datafile and conditions (spectrum, video-picture, antenna position etc.)
  • Area playback (mark an area within the preview for playback)
  • Varios playback options (once, loop, steady, contiguous)
  • Cut and save/export a marked area under a new file
  • Export the file or portions of it under a new data format
  • Varios file types for data export (CSV, XML, JSON, RTSA, TAG, DAT, ASC, MAT etc.)
  • Time sync multiple File Reader blocks
  • Change/add power offset, time offset, location (GPS) etc.
  • Unlimited files size support since it only reads portions from disk to memory


File Reader Block Settings

A typical Screenshot showing a marked area which is ready for playback or export:

File Reader Block Screenshot

Typical Missions:

File Reader Typical Missions