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Failed for Setting "RT_ SPAN_ MAX_ SPS" 122MHz

Setting "RT_ SPAN_ MAX_ SPS" to 122MHz will be failed, and it will be returned the error code: “ 0x40000002”. (My Spectran V6 have the option license RTBW 120MHz). Please refer to attachment.

Please verify in the RTSA-Suite PRO that the license key is working and specifically licensed to the Spectran V6 device you're using.

I have the license of RTBW 120MHz.

Did you actually check in the RTSA-Suite that the 122 MHz option is actually working? As the SDK uses the same license verification mechanic as the RTSA (but only for Spectran V6 devices and options), if the option does not work in the SDK it should also not work in the RTSA.

In the RTSA-Suite, open the License Manager (in the Tools menu), enter "122" in the features search field and click on the "Spectran V6: RTBW 122 MHz" entry that should now be the only visible Feature entry. And now check what the "Details" pane on the lower right side of the dialog says.

If it does not say "Granted: Yes", please provide a screenshot of the dialog.



Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot-2022-01-17-124836.png

Please refer to the snapshot:

Please check that you're connecting to the correct V6 device that has the feature.  We can't reproduce that problem here.

Also make sure to connect the PWR USB otherwise  you can use 122MHz.