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How to Extend the usable Frequency Range above 6GHz (Option 6080)

I can see the frequency in my RSA500 has been extended to 8 GHz.

Can you let me know how to use the WiFi6E option?


To use the SPECTRAN® V6 far above the usual 6GHz (needs key), you need to configure FREQUENCY RANGE in the V6 Board Config settings accordingly.

Please note that the internal filter bank is bypassed in this mode. Therefore use the supplied bandpass filter or another suitable filter for your application.

frequency range settings

What type of bandpass filter is included in Option 6080? V6 Eco is internal I believe, but V6 Plus need an external bandpass filter, correct?

If this filter is for example 5.8-8GHz then the internal is bypassed and you "cannot" scan 2-8GHz correctly? While you can, but now you only use a bandpass filter of 5.8-8GHz and everything below will not be perfect.

Eco doesn't have this problem then? Because Wi-Fi people do love seeing 2.4, 5 and 6GHz all at once.

Or am I missing something here? Like my Eco of course, but soon. Hehe


When you add the external bandpass filter do you need to add any power offset?

It is needed when measuring the frequency range of 6-7,2GHz. You might want to add 2dB offset to compensate the insertion loss.

For a better rejection you should use two filters in a row.

Please note that you CANT measure outside this freqency range when the filter is attached.