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EMC settings

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I'm interested in the SPECTRAN® V6 ODB ECO. However, I have some questions: I will use this product mainly for EMC testing, so I would like to ask: does it have the EMC limit pass/fail directly inside? Do you have a setup for this? Is it included in the software or should buy an accessory license?

Also, I'm interested in BPSG 6. I would like to use is for EMC immunity testing, where the RF signal is modulated with a 1 kHz, 80% AM modulation. Is it possible to achieve this with the BPSG 6? How can I do with the software?

Thank you.

Yes that included with the ECO. Use the SPECTRAN Tx for generating such signal e.g. the SPECTRAN V6 500X.

So, if I understood well: SPECTRAN® V6 ODB ECO includes the Emc capabilities, and those are present in the free software, Is It correct?


Thank you.

Does the SPECTRAN® V6 ECO includes the preselector? Is it possible to have the manual?

Sure it does. Manuals are not available at this stage.

Since GTEM radiated measurements need to be correlated in the three axis, do you have some software that performs this correlation?

??? If you want new features add it to the WishList forum incl. doc and screenshots.

Forgive me if I have not been clear: what I wanted to say is that I would like to perform EMC radiated measurement through a GTEM. Of course, I need to put the DUT inside the GTEM in the three axes, but then I need to correlate the three measurements to make the measurement compatible to an OATS.

I don't know if this correlation is present inside the Spectrum software.

You can save and display multiple measurements and traces, no problem.

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