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EMC/EMI Limit Line Measurement | Precompliance Test & Measurement

What would an EMC measurement look like? Do you support Quasi Peak Measurement?


Yes we support Quasi Peak.

Attached is a screenshot of a typical measurement. We even support multi limits e.g. measuring EN55015 & EN61800-3 at the same time:

EMC/EMI Limit Line Measurement

Can you change the graph to a log frequency view and add the limit line name to the graph (since you seem to be able to measure multiple limit lines at the same time)?


Yes, no problem. Please see attached screenshot.

BTW: The number of limit lines to be compared simultaneously is unlimited and the number of markers can be up to 200.

EMC/EMI Limit Line Measurement


How can i add/display those limit lines to the spectrum graph?

Simply open the Traces section and go to the hamburger menu and hit "Add Limit Trace":

How to Add an EMC or EMI Limit Line


The name, color etc. can be changed as needed.

You can change the default limit line under "Limits". You can then choose from a wide selection of limit lines:

Choose your EMC or EMI limit line


BTW: You can select multiple limit lines and run the measurement with all of those at the same time. This saves time and is a great feature to compare different standards.

How do i active a QPeak (Quasi Peak) measurement?


Quite simple.

Please have a look at this posting: