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Displaying a picture in Script viewport

Dear Aaronia support team,

Is it possible to add an arbitrary image to the script view GUI?

if it is, since I didn't find related document on JSIQA, could you give me a simple mission?

The only thing that I found is the icon parameter for Mission.addConfig(path,item,cb) as the item parameter. If it works maybe I can set Icon for the button and set the button as a widget for addChart method. But I even could not make icon parameter works.

Any help would be appreciated.

The icon parameter is for adding standard icons, e.g. play or pause, not custom ones.

At the moment the only option to have an image file in the viewport would be to (ab)use the geomap component which can have a static image as map (via config menu). But that will also add some other functionality that you probably don't want.

Another option would be to use the canvas2d component and draw something, but of course that won't work for bitmap content.

Feel free to add a request for this functionality in the wishlist forum.

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Thanks a lot

Can I  use geomap with arbitrary image?