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Disabled Enum elements

I tried to set up the iq transmitter with the dll api that comes with version of the RTSA software.
When I looked at all the configurations similar to the configuration tree example, I found that all but one of the "device/transmittermode" options were disabled. In addition, the only option that was not disabled was "Off".

Also, all options for "device/receiverclock" except "92MHz" seem to be disabled.

In addition, all receiver channel settings including RX2 are disabled.

Am I misunderstanding the "disabledOptions" flag of the "AARTSAAPI_ConfigInfo" structure, or are these options supposed to be disabled?

Are these values set by the API or by the Spectran itself? If the latter, it may be significant that I am using the 2000X version of the device.

You need to have the corresponding option licenses for your Spectran V6 properly installed in the RTSA for those options to be enabled.

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