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Difference between Noise Levels in "Waterfall Wrapped Spectrum" and regular "Waterfall"

Hi all,

I noticed there is difference between noise floor in Wrapped Spectrum waterfall and simple Waterfall. Wrapped Spectrum for whole range (which shows 400-6000 MHz) has lower noise floor allowing to see a weak signal (look at screenshots) comparing to simple Waterfall for part of range, thereby simple Waterfall does not allow to look at signal in more details for part of the range. Interesting, that when we connect simple Waterfall with Spectran v6 working for whole 400-6000 MHz, the noise floor in simple Waterfall also became lower and the same as with Wrapped Spectrum. What is even more interesting, when we connect Wrapped Spectrum with Spectran v6 working for part of range (900 MHz as an example), the noise floor in Wrapped Spectrum waterfall also became lower and much lower than in simple Waterfall, though not so low as in case with whole spectrum. So, the question is: which settings allow to lower noise level at simple Waterfall showing part of range, to the level comparable with Wrapped Spectrum? Changing of ref level lead to lowering only lower extreme of the noise, but the upper one (which we need to decrease) remains the same.


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The noise level is 1:1 the same. Change the frequency and it will change according to the noise (at the same frequency) in the wrapped spectrum.