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NEW: DF lines for all MAP based blocks

Many customers asked us for a simple manual directional finding solution based on simple markers for our map displays with lines (beams) showing the direction of the found signal. Adding several of these markers would then reveal a triangulation of the source.

We are just integrating this solution (incl. a lot of nice setups like adjustable name, color, line length etc. and a powerful mouse handling) for all map based blocks.

The new feature should be available within the next days.


You can now set unlimited number of user markers to all blocks, which include our map display, and drag them via mouse on the map.

All markers can be adjusted by name, color and size plus the GPS coordinates incl. elevation.

In addition you can set a hotkey to move the center of the map to this marker.


Another nice feature is to add a beam to any marker which transforms the marker to a simple directional finding tool: Adjust the beam length, color and angle of the beam so it fits with the direction of your strongest measured signal. The more measurements you take the more beam crossings you will get which represents the source of the signal.

Many customers askes for this feature so we integrated it for free!

Poor Man DF