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Device unresponsive

Hello, good morning.

From time to time our device becomes irresponsible and we can't turn it on with neither DLL API nor Aaronia RTSA Suite.

When this happens we need to proceed manually and disconnect the USB from the computer and then reconnect it again. It's like it gets frozen.

It's not something that happens all the time but from time to time this problem pops up.

Exist a way to avoid this issue or reset the device not having to do it manually ?

Thank you very much in advance.



Please update to the latest software build 10728 or higher.

The reset should work 100% via USB.

If you still need to unplug the device, please contact us directly.

Thanks for the fast answering

From where we can download a build >=10728 ? In the website , at support->downloads  the available versión seems to be

Another question: we are currently running the build 1062.  By checking the changelog I see this versión is not at it, I assume the change log is cummulative, just want to be extra-sure that the highter versions also contains the fixes performed at version 1062 (It came from an issue we had detected at the dll).

Thank you very much in advance.

Yes all fixes are in the newest versions.

Please send us an E-mail to get a download link for the latest BETA version.

done, sent to [email protected].



Thank you for the great support and fast answering  but we have installed the latest version and we keep having the same issue.

Seems like when the system is unpluged directly from the power source windows is not able to detect it again, even restarting it.

The device appears at the device administrator as unknow, disable and enable it won't help. After a while a message from windows pops informing the device is unknow.

Make me know if you need further details.





Thank y

Which EXACT hardware and Windows (AND other hard & software) are you using?



Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19044

Processor: Intel Core m3-8100Y

Spectran v6. USB version 0.4.254.F

FPGA version 2.6.3/2.8.11/0.7

SErial number A3-x-03000059.xxaaaaa

The system is unable to find the device descriptor when the issue happens.

Make me know if you need further information.

Oh boy, a "Intel Core m3-8100Y" with 2 cores is no way usefull.

Check out the MINIMUM hardware you need for the SPECTRAN V6: