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NEW: Deep Memory FFT (Implemented)

So far we are offering a 8k or optional a 32k FFT resolution in RTBW mode.

Based on some customer enquiries we are now implementing an optional deep memory FFT with up to a Million FFTs.

We are also implementing a 6GHz sweep with lower RBW which should go down to 500Hz RBW or even better.

Will keep you tuned.


The 1 Million FFTs feature is implemented since 29.01.2021:

6GHz Deep Memory FFT Sweep: We just reached the 120 Million Bins!

Deep FFT Sweep with over 100 Million Bins

And a view hours later we implemented over 250 Million Bins and a 700k FFT offering a 6GHz sweep with a 44Hz RBW:

250 Million Bins with a 650k FFT

What will come next? 🙂